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How to get started

Once you have created a Permido user, you will receive an email with a password.

If you use MS Outlook on a Windows computer in combination with Permido, you can

  1. download the newest version of our Permido add-in here: https://help.permido.com/en/download.
  2. install the add-in following the instructions: https://help.permido.com/en/outlook.

To send an encrypted email using our Outlook add-in follow this guide. The “How to read and answer your Permido encrypted email” for endusers is here.

If you

  • do not use Outlook on a Windows computer
  • use a Mac computer you
  • use Webmail like Gmail or Hotmail (without having Outlook on your computer)

you have to log in to our Permido Web Portal to send an encrypted email. Log in here: https://app.permido.com/, your username is your email address and you received your password in your welcome mail. When you press Submit, you will then receive an SMS with a 6-digit confirmation code, enter the confirmation code and press Submit again.

If you are not an administrator on your computer or if you have a hosted desktop, you will have to contact your IT supplier to do it. You have to send them the above instructions and ask them to do it.


If you need our Danish Tunnelmail solution, please follow this guide Tunnelmail get started (In danish).

If you have questions, please contact us on help@permido.com or +45 70 27 27 02 (8:00-16:00)

Enjoy working with Permido.

Kind regards,

Team Permido

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