Version: 1.3.47 (16. marts 2021)

Download Link: PermidoOutlookClientSetup1.3.47.msi

  • Improvements
    • Optimization : Folder changing
    • Added : Signing of used dll

Gamle versioner

Version: 1.3.44 (19. juni 2020)

Download Link: PermidoOutlookClientSetup1.3.44.msi

  • Hotfixes
    • Fixed : Permido button not being shown in draft folder under certain circumstances
    • Fixed : Marks sent mail as being read
    • Fixed : No longer crashes Outlook client when sending a mail without a subject

Version: 1.3.42 (05. june 2020)

Download Link: permidooutlookclientsetup1.3.42.msi

  • Hotfixes
    • Improvement : Shows selected delivery methode and delivery priorities on sent mail if available

Version: 1.3.39 (27. may 2020)

Download Link: permidooutlookclientsetup1.3.39.msi

  • Hotfixes
    • Løser fejl hvor man bliver spurgt om at logge ind i Permido når Outlook åbnes

Version: 1.3.33 (18th may 2020)

Download Link: permidooutlookclientsetup1.3.33.msi

  • Hotfixes
    • Fixed failed login message
    • Fixed expired token handling
    • Fixed 'Move to sent' problem
    • Fixed bug requiring re-login
    • Improved 'Support Mail' logging
    • Misc improvement

Version: 1.2.983 (19th marts 2020)

Download Link: permidooutlookclientsetup1.2.983.msi

  • Hotfixes
    • Fixes issue “Error while moving mail to sent folder”
    • Fixes issue when the user has more than one Inbox in Outlook.

Version: 1.2.96 (16. marts 2020)

Download Link: permidooutlookclientsetup1.2.96.msi

  • Password can be changed in the Permido Web Portal
  • Tunnel mail is released. Write to to get it for free.
  • Automatic selection of “Sikker mail” for more than 500 danish public institutions and private company email adresses.
  • Administrator can define different Deliverymethods for different emails. F.ex. “Tunnelmail”, “Person data”
  • The Permido button changes it's color, depending on if it is possible to send the mail with the selected encryption method.

Version: 1.2.72

Download Link: permidooutlookclientsetup1.2.72.msi

  • Fixes slow start resulting Outlook disabling the addin
  • Added 'To' and 'CC' to generated and converted Permido mails
  • Text updates
  • Using our new Permido backend
  • Many optimizations
  • Misc bug fixes
  • Updated version of 3rd party libaries used

Version: 1.2.66


  • Fix missing Permido button.

Version: 1.2.65


  • Fix conflict with Unik Advosys Addin.

Version: 1.2.63


  • Converts even old Permido mails in inbox when selected
  • The client will check for new updates automatically on startup
  • Help, support and update buttons has been added to the Outlook Ribbon


  • Fix that login status wasn't reset after a temporary internet connection loss.

Version: 1.2.48


  • Encrypted communication between Permido customers. As a Permido customer, you do not long need to log into the Web client when you receive a Permido email from a colleague or other Permido customer. We automatically convert the notification email to an encrypted email when you receive it. Then it will not be simpler and more user-friendly. As long as Outlook is running with Permido enabled, you will be able to read your Permido emails directly in your inbox, and then also on your mobile devices.
  • Answering Permido encrypted emails will be automatically encrypted by default in the future.


  • Formatting the notification email has been improved so that signature logos are displayed correctly in mail clients who previously had trouble displaying them.
  • Outlook sometimes made an error message when closing the program.
  • A number of spelling errors and the like have also been addressed.

An english version of the Data processin agreement will be available in July.

Data processing agreement (Danish)
ISAE 3402 II Certifikat November 2020 (Danish)
Cloudcertifikatet (Danish)

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