This guide are aimed at receivers of Permido encrypted email, this means users who need to read an email, but have not bought a licens.

First time you receive a Permido encrypted email, you will receive a notification email similar to below. This will contain the link Read encrypted email You must clik on the link in order to be allowed to read the encrypted email.

You will then be asked to create a user account so you can receive Permido emails. This is so we can make a 2-factor validation of the emails send to you going forward. You will be asked for first name, surname and mobile phone number.

Then you will receive an SMS so we can validate that you have entered the correct mobile number.

Now you are able to read your email.

The second time you receive an encrypted email and clik on the link in the notification email you will only be asked to type in the code which wil be delivered to your mobile number.

  • Last modified: 22 months ago