This guide describes the installation of the Permido Outlook Add-In


Permido requires that .NET 4.6.2 or later is installed on the desktop / server running Outlook with the user before the addin can be installed. Expect the computer / server to be restarted if .Net 4.6.2 is to be installed.

It does not require restarting the client / server to install the Permido addin the first time it is installed. At a later update of the Permido addin, it is recommended that the old version be uninstalled first before the new version is then installed and Microsoft Outlook must be closed.

If you dont know if you have .NET 4.6.2 on your computer, you can try to install Permido and then you will get an error if the requirement is not fullfilled.

Newest client

You can always find the latest client via our support portal

Installation Process

Extract the latest version of “Permido” to a folder on the Computer, TerminalServer or Citrix Server where you want to install Permido.

Then run “setup.exe” NOTE. In some cases, depending on the computer security level, “setup.exe” is required to start by right-clicking on the file and selecting “Run as administrator” 1)

Click [Next]

Click [Next]

**Click [Next]**

Click [Install]


Start Outlook and check if Permido Ribbon was installed.

You will now be able to start Outlook and logon with the user ID / password recieved by mail. Follow this guide to logon and send your first Permido Encrypted e-mail

per-machine, unattended install parameters

PermidoOutlookClientSetup.msi ALLUSERS=1 /qn

If you want to set the default setting of AddIn, you have a few options for customizing this.

This is done via the Registry

"HideEncryptedMail"="True" or "False" (The button called Hide Permido)
"SendAllMailsEncrypted"="True" or "False" (The button called send all mails with Permido)

Alternative SHIFT-Right-click and select run as another user, then type username / password to an Administrator
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