Delivery methods and Tunnelmail

In Permido Webpotalen ( under the menu Delivery Administrators are able to define the following:

  • possible Delivery methods users can choose
  • text on the Permido button
  • which encryption methods the delivery methods should cover

For your organisation to be able to send Tunnelmails you have to follow our guide: Tunnelmail get started. Please note that you cannot use Tunnelmail if you have a Hotmail, Gmail or similar mail adresses.

Once your domaine has been validated you must add Tunnelmail to the normal delivery method Permido

You can do that by:

  1. choose the “Dropdown” menu by cliking on encryption methods in the line you wish to change (1)
  2. Deselect all (2)
  3. Choose Tunnelmail, S/MIME, Notification in the mentioned order (3),(4),(5)
  4. Click on safe (6)

You can choose to create different Delivery methods


  1. clicking on
  2. Write your text on the Permido button fi. “Tunnelmail”, “Danish public sector”, “Danish municipalities”, “Danish Courts” etc., Or write what makes sence according to the workflows in your organisation.
  3. Choose the encryption methods that fits to the chosen Permido buttom.

PLEASE NOTE Choose carefully a combination and order of encryption methods which makes sence. As an example it does not make sence to choose “Notification” first because this is always possible to receive for your recipient. , hence the other metods will never be used. “Notification” should therefore always be the last option.

If you choose to name a button “Danish Public Sector” who is a receipient who usually will only receive S/MIME encrypted mails, and whose employees are not allowed to press on links in a mail, you can leave out “Notification” as a possible encryption method. The button in Outlook will then appear red if the user chooses Danish Public Sector and writes an mail which are not supported by the chosen encryption method.

  • Last modified: 14 months ago