Login to Permido

1) Start Outlook, select Permido tab and press “Log in”

2) Enter your email address and your password

3) You will then get a one-time code on your mobile phone, enter the code

4) You are then logged in and can send encrypted emails using Permido.

Logoff Permido

1) Click on the [Log out] button to log off the system.

Other settings

1) [Hide Permido] hides the “Encrypted Email” button in the window when writing a new mail.
2) [Send all mails encrypted] If ticking Send all mails encrypted encryption will be enabled by default and mails will be sent using Permido. This can e.g. is used for mass mailing of mail merge, where a large amount of emails must be sent from another application.

If you want to adjust this centrally, you can change the settings in the registry that you find here

Sending an encrypted email

When you want to send the e-mail encrypted, click the [Permido encryption - Off] button once, and then write your e-mail and attach the documents you want to add, and finally press [Send]. The recipient will then receive a signed notification mail with a link.

If the recipient is a another Permido customer, the email will be send using Permido encryption and two factor identification using the recipients mobile phone.

If the recipient has a public certificate associated to the email, the email will be encrypted and send using Permido's private certificate. Note that your IT administrator might need to add permido.com to your companys spf-record. See here.

NOTE: If the recipient is using Microsoft Outlook and has Permido installed, the notification mail will be converted to a normal mail automatically.

Reply to an encrypted email

The first time a new recipient receives an encrypted email, the recipient must register with the name and mobile number in the Permido notification portal. The recipient's mobile number is then validated with an SMS.

The second time a recipient receives an encrypted email, he or she must only confirm with an SMS before the email can be read in the portal.

Once the recipient has set up and validated himself, the recipient will be able to read the message, retrieve attachments and to reply to the message in the Permido message portal. The receiver can receive, read and reply to the message on both computers and mobile devices.

The recipient can then download attachments and reply to the message by clicking Reply

When the recipient finishes writing the answer , possibly attach one or more documents and pictures and then click on .

Then the reply is sent back to the original sender who will receive the answer in Microsoft Outlook mailbox. This assumes that Microsoft Outlook is open to the sender and that Permido is installed.

  • Last modified: 21 months ago