Guide to Permido Web Portal for end users

It is very simple to send an encrypted email from the Permido Web Portal:

  1. log in to the portal at Https:// If you don't know your password, you can reset it using your mobile phone and your email address.

  2. Fill out Subject line, add recipients, type your message and attach documents or pictures if you like.

  3. If the recipient is a another Permido customer, the email will be send using Permido encryption and two factor identification using the recipients mobile phone.
  4. If the recipient has a public certificate associated to the email, the email will be encrypted and send using Permido's private certificate and the email address
  5. In other cases the reciepient will receive a notification email with a link. First time the recipient recieves a Permido encrypted mail, the reciepient must identify him self with name and mobile number.

Mail size limitations

  • Permido encrypted mails is 100Mb, including attachments.
  • Public Certifikate encrypted mails is 20Mb, including attachments.
  1. You can revoke sent messages until the recipient has opened the email This is very simple.
  2. Log in to the Permido Web Portal: Https://
  3. Choose [Message Log] in the menu, find the message you want to revoke and press [Revoke]

  • Last modified: 22 months ago